Metal Core PCB Manufacturers India

What is Metal Core PCB? MCPCB Metal Core or Metal Clad PCB Boards, also known as a thermal PCB or metal-backed PCB, is a specialised type of PCB designed to improve the thermal performance of electronic components by using a metal base material for its heat spreader layer. This layer usually consists of either aluminium […]

Multilayer PCB Manufacturer India

What is Multilayer PCB? Multilayer PCBs, or printed circuit boards, are the most complex type of board used in electronics manufacturing today. These boards consist of multiple layers of conductive material, typically copper, sandwiched between non-conductive fibreglass or other insulating materials. The multiple layers allow additional components and connections to be placed on the board, […]

Double Sided PCB Manufacturer India

What is Double sided PCB? A double-sided printed circuit board (PCB) is a type of printed circuit board that has two sides with conductive layers and components connected via plated holes. This type of PCB is used in many applications, such as computers, automotive electronics, medical devices, telecommunication systems and consumer electronics. They allow for […]

Single Sided PCB Manufacturers India

What is Single Sided PCB? Single-sided Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) consist of one layer of conductive material on one side, with the other side being used to mount various electronic components. This PCB is used in multiple consumer electronics, such as mobile phones, computers, and household appliances. Single-sided PCBs have printed circuit boards made of […]